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S-Press - the essential physiotherapy tool

Use of the finest engineering and health experience to design and manufacture the most effective rehabilitation equipment.

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The S-Press is our first product - a portable, therapeutic level, progressive, leg strengthening device.
Welcome to JT Rehab

Better outcomes. Shorter stays.

Discover how the S-Press is helping to reduce time in hospital and improve patient outcomes.
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The cost of doing

The NHS is struggling to manage the extremely high demand set on it currently. This is causing huge problems with hospital and patient flow, and the system is at breaking point in many NHS Trusts.  Complex patients, slow physical recovery causing delays in discharge, have a huge part to play in this crisis and mounting costs to the NHS.
  • 22,000

    people waiting 12+ hours in A&E every month for a hospital bed in 2022 (Kings Fund)
  • 800,000

    delayed bed days in  2019 in the UK
  • £820 million

    is the cost of delayed dischages to the NHS
Working with experts to break the status quo
The first of it's kind

The essential physiotherapy tool

The S-Press was invented by a physiotherapist, so that she and her colleagues worldwide could give those patients most at risk of a poor outcome the opportunity of a good outcome and a great quality of life.



Weighing just 8kg, the S-Press is portable and easy to store so you can use it anywhere, anytime.


Pressure-relieving surfaces

Fully pressure relieving on heel area, adjustable ankle position and padded leg rest for compliance with tissue viability policy.



The unique combination of leg press and hamstring curl allows all the muscles in the leg to be strengthened therapeutically and effectively.
Jennifer Turner

25+ years experience in rehabilitation and injury recovery

The S-Press was designed by a physiotherapist with 27 years NHS rehabilitation experience, frustrated by the lack of effective equipment available to help her patients. Its aim is to enable access to important, early, progressive resistance exercise, to work and target the leg muscles involved with sit to stand, transfers and walking, the key elements needed for safe discharge home.


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“I can see the potential to empower the patient, their family and other staff groups to assist in rehabilitation delivery whilst enabling greater autonomy of exercise outside of structured rehabilitation sessions.”

Gareth Cornell
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“It could also help me to reach the gold standard of service that I personally and my directorate/trust strive to achieve by increasing the amount of times patients receive therapy and  ultimately provide better outcomes for patients.”

Melissa Cloke

"Congratulations Jennifer and thank you from all of us at Versus Arthritis on behalf of all the people with Arthritis and their families who will benefit directly from the S-Press!"

Dr Neha Issar-Brown
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"I felt happy. I could build up my muscles and get home.  It was something that could really help me get home quicker, get home sooner."

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS patient
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The first of it's kind

Our Innovation

The S-Press was invented by a physiotherapist, so that she and her colleagues could give those patients who are more at risk of a poor outcome the fighting chance and opportunity of a good outcome, their best outcome so they can live their life to the fullest.


2011 - The Idea

Recognising the problem was the first step. Creating a prototype out of lego was the second!


2012 - Bringing the idea to life

A self funded project to develop and exact replica of the lego model


2013 - Revision of basic concept design

Another self funded project via a donation to Remap charity


2014 - Innovate UK TSB Innovation voucher

After 3 years of research and development, the first external funding was received


2016 - Proof of concept with an AMRC & SHU collaboration

Prototype number 4 underwent a pilot study using EMG.


2017 - Design concepts produced with HJC Design

The S-Press was then taken to Clinician focus groups


2018 - Safety test and NHS evaluation

Prototype number 5 working with Renfrew to develop an approved concept design.


2018 - JT Rehab is born

In 2018, JT Rehab was set up and incorporated


2018-2022 - Intellectual property

On top of further funding & business accelerators, patents & trademarks were granted


2022 - The story continues

The 6th prototype is currently under development for further NHS evaluation

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