User feedback comments on S-Press concept

Feedback comments on S-Press concept from potential users
User feedback comments on S-Press concept

Patient feedback

DC, (93): recovering from a hip fracture, said:

“it would have been ideal when I could walk less” (this person had been frustrated during the acute phase of a recent stay on an acute hospital ward at the amount of face to face time with physiotherapists).

The theme of frustration around limited face to face time with therapy staff was also commented on by SM, 30:

“I think this would be good, because although I have PT here it isn’t consistent and they are not there at the weekend. So, like, last week – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I had nothing.” He also liked the design of the device: I have used the pedal cycle but it’s very unstable cos it moves so I can’t really use it. This definitely looks way more stable. I think as well that the pedal cycle has the potential to rub the inside of the other leg. With this I don’t think there would be any chance of rubbing the other leg. I think this would help me make progress more quickly.”

GC, (93):

“I have a set of TheraBands at home that I use. I think I would be able to use this also.”

GS (81) said she liked the idea of the S-Press as:

” [she] could do it in her wheelchair on top of the therapy that I receive twice a week. I just want to get better”.

Another nursing home resident commented that she found the S-Press

“looks easy to use and supportive on the feet.”

A lady with Multiple Sclerosis commented:

“I love it, I absolutely love it for that there are so many people who lay in bed and do nothing, I spend a lot of time in hospital and it’s the lack of exercise and lack of activity that I think is so destructive, muscle wastage and muscles reduce so quickly and so anything to enable people to have some sense of activation, motivation or some sense of achieving something I think is hugely valuable. I think it is wonderful because it’s a simple idea for people to actually do something as opposed to just sitting there and waiting for their bodies to recover.”